Purpose of this blog

I have been meaning to create and run my own blog for quite some time now but lacked a solid concept on which to write about. By chance I came across an unread copy of Patrick Curry’s Ecological Ethics┬áin my university’s law library and have found myself gripped by an increasing interest in our relationship with the natural world both individually and as a society.Ecological ethics

While I disagree with Curry on a few minor details, his book offered a wonderful introduction to ecological ethics and has convinced me that humans’ relationship with the ecological system which we are a part of is ethically lacking. I have thus created this blog in the hopes of airing many of my opinions on the topic.

I will try my utmost to keep future topics related to ecologic ethics so as to give this blog a proper sense of focus. Comments and discussion are always welcome; I am frustratingly thin-skinned when it comes to criticism but value the merits of free speech and debate more than my personal insecurities. My only request from commentators is that any criticisms or arguments be backed with reasoning.

– Ecolegality aka Kyle